All it takes is one ticket!

In May of 2009, Mattie Brown's support community hosted the "Mattie March" in his honor. A raffle was featured at this outdoor event. When Mattie Miracle was established, the Foundation decided to build upon this wonderful tradition. 

Enter a chance to win one of the 8 amazing raffle prizes below and help us spread the word to your family and friends. All Walk and Raffle proceeds fund our psychosocial programs and initiatives which support children with cancer and their families. 

Thank you for your generous support!  You make the Mattie Miracles possible. 


May 15, 2021 at 11:59 pm EST
May 16, 2021 at 12:30 pm EST


No, because you are purchasing tickets for the chance to win a tangible prize. 

Mattie Miracle will contact all raffle winners by email or phone. Therefore, you do not need to check our Facebook page on May 16th to determine if you won. Raffle items will be mailed to winners.

All raffle proceeds go toward our overall event goal of $100,000. Our Walk and Raffle generates over 85% of the funds that directly support our psychosocial programs and initiatives for childhood cancer. Money raised is NOT used to support Foundation overhead or administrative costs. 

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Meet the Organization

The Mattie Miracle Cancer Foundation believes every child with cancer, and their family, should receive an optimal level of Psychosocial Care and Support, from the date of diagnosis, throughout treatment, into survivorship, or end of life and bereavement care.  Our Mission is dedicated to enhancing psychosocial awareness, advocacy, and research of childhood cancer and increasing access to quality psychological and social support throughout the cancer journey, to improve health outcomes and enhance quality of life.

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Raffle winners will be announced on Mattie Miracle's Facebook page on May 16th at 12:30pm EDT.